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Diminish Bloating & Ignite Fat Burning

Want to flatten your tummy, lose fat, diminish bloating and water retention in just ten days to two weeks? My doctor-approved slimming tonic recipe landed me on the cover of Woman‟s World Magazine. Add one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. With this mixture, take two 100 mg. capsules of kyolic (odorless) garlic oil capsules and drink before each meal. You‟ll drop a dress size in just one month. This combination helps:

– cleanse the liver so it can metabolize fat more efficiently,

– helps prevent the fat in your blood stream from entering the fat cells,

– prevents blood sugar levels from spiking and prevents food cravings,

– helps prevent and clear acne and blemish breakouts.

Be sure to drink plenty of water. About 64 oz...

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Green Tea extract contains anti-inflammatory agents that can help prevent wrinkles and

Green Tea extract contains anti-inflammatory agents that can help prevent wrinkles and

natural fat-burning properties that can assist weight loss, and lower cholesterol. Green tea is also known to protect against certain cancers. Natural, thermogenic green tea is an antioxidant that also helps stimulate collagen production, helping skin to look more firm and youthful. Drinking green tea on an empty stomach each morning can help you drop 10 lbs. over the course of one year.

Taking a combination of Vitamin B6, Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E before menstruation can help relieve symptoms of PMS related depression, tender breasts and inflammation that flares ups during this time of the month.

Folate or Folic Acid, B6 and B12, often found in multivitamins can assist memory function, protect ...

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Rejuvenating Peptides

I‟ve been writing about and using peptides for almost seven years. I was the first beauty expert to reveal the age-proofing effects of peptides back in 2003, in the second printing of my Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue book. Larger skin care companies began adding peptides to their skin care products just a few years ago.

Peptides are a gentle, effective and affordable alternative to peels, lasers and Retin A and have been clinically proven to work more effectively than retinoids and Vitamin C, help gently exfoliate, smooth, brighten and thicken skin, stimulate collagen production over 300% and hyaluronic acid production over 200%...

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Louisa Offers Budget-Friendly Solutions for Our ‘Head to Toe’ Challenges

Louisa’s doctor-recommended book, Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue reveals proven, budget-friendly solutions that can help slow down aging naturally and uplift mood, increase energy, slim down, reverse sagging or thinning skin, prevent acne and blemish breakouts, enlarged pores, fade age spots, stretch marks, strengthen nails, rejuvenate hands, stop falling and thinning hair, banish cellulite, banish puffy eyes, dark circles, cracked heels, chapped lips, and more.

What I will reveal in this eBook has changed my life and countless others – from private individuals to college students on a budget, celebrities, models, Hollywood professionals – even doctors and royalty! We all have the „tools‟ to make our lives great. Isn‟t this what we all want and deserve?

I‟m trul...

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Skill assessment procedures

A. Nails:

Spa manicure and spa pedicure treatment 10%

Liquid Gel application on the natural nails to create a French polish 5%

Creative nail art design on plastic tips to suit the fantasy makeup 5%

B. Facial:

Basic facial treatment

The Competitor will perform a full facial cleanse, massage, mask. 10%

Advanced Facial treatment using an electrical instrument. The Competitor will perform a full

facial cleanse, massage, specific treatment and mask. 20%

C. Body treatment

Body Treatment- Full body treatment inclusive of scrub, wrap and massage 15%

Full body massage 10%

D. Makeup 10 %

Fantasy body makeup of selected design, Competitor will paint the design on the left arm,

décolleté and face. The design will be delivered to each Competitor no later than 6 months prior

to the Competition.


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The design teams responsible for the next Competition were elected during the preparation of the Technical Description and are as below:  Design group 1 Spa Day – TH, ZA, ES, IE, USA  Design group 2 Make up & Nail – AU, FR, TH, HU, IN  Design group 3 Bridal Look – ID, JP, IN  Design group 4 Body Massage – AU, TW, FI, IN  Design group 5 Advanced facial – SG, HK, AU, KR  Design group 6 Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure – ID, MY, SE, IE, JP

1. Group 1 will be responsible for designing Body Treatment and Basic Facial

2. Group 2 will be responsible for designing Fantasy makeup and glue on plastic tips with nail art

blending with the selected design of the makeup.

3. Group 3 will be responsible for designing Bridal makeup and the liquid gel overlay of a French

polish design.


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The Past And Own (Unpredictable Future

Once I had of having any part THESE colors. Not only BECAUSE the pink color of the sea of ​​Season, Which it is, but BECAUSE estuvó Also in Our Past. This dusty pink TOOK the late 80 WHEN Michelangelo tones seemed Wear fashionable clothes. Many people do not remember or do not KNOW BECAUSE the collective memory of the 80 other Almodovarianas reduce certain whims or the era of AIDS and Halston That portion is automatically swept Mugler, Montana and Alaia and Versace blonde manes suspension, sterile suspension hip Valkyrie and the gait of the underworld. But Estós Also Jahr were.

The UNOS Jahr That one gave Lagerfeld For A Mediterranean That has very abandoned...

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Feeling so Bohemian Like You

I know many people who walk around in Morocco inspired, so I rely on the Getty, who passed it beautifully in Marrakesh 60.

-A djellaba (caftan for men): This is too extreme for many people who go through life with jeans and shirts, but they are very comfortable and they look cute (so please fight for unused with leggings or versions obscenely short and other atrocities).
They had their time in 2007 but it is very rare for a man to bring them, but in Morocco are traditional (the correct name is djellaba and is much more sober than the caftans we know. Want one of those).
-Or a tunic: This is less extreme and easier to locate
-Some linen pants: to match the djellaba or tunic
-Some sandals: The slippers are very cute (there is a shop that sells Polanco) but my feet are not designed for very ...

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Japan And The Beauty And Armani, Claro

Armani has always said that do Maximum is the beauty of women. White skin, red lips, the body as an arrow. A lily or An orchid. In This Collection HC, autumn winter 2011 2012, Armani yes decanting For A Speech That already know: the East, the simplicity, the elegance of detail, Elements That flow, herons, waves, silk, deconstructed kimono one the Universal, the obi and especially Japan.

The collection lacks the power and omnipotence of the previous Haute Couture collection although it is true That Armani takes inspiration do. In This Case, Armani Choose Less immediate sophistication...

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The Line

arhol, Bianca The Horse and All the revelry with coca Halston dresses, heroine, heroes and villains. And the wrap dress. How wonderful. Stamping with ALL Female Forms in exuberance, Body, sex, eroticism, desire to party. The wrap dress is a fashion icon of the Recent. Happened quite unnoticed in whole madness of the 80s That Lived in THESE LAST WE ALL of the voguettes Jahr, Carine dramas Wintour Wears Prada, Vogue and other general Panda Alt Em 0 with makeup, no thousand tacks and Appearance! flown! o Blasting looking badass with ITS, hair Covering All The face and look of disdain to the camera … But there’s this dress THAT A whole Social Care Call.

What Women Have Curves. Breasts. Hips. Shoulders. Brain and eroticism...

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