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You’ll See Results Instantly On Your Very First Pageant…

Armed with such insider information, you’ll be winning (or at least finishing near the top) often, inc no time flat thanks to the “Beauty Pageant Success System”. By the time you get finished going through the information in my guide, you’ll know more than most of the so called “pros”. “I bought this for my niece who has placed well in a number of pageants and she truly believes that it is a must for girls interested in pageants around the world. She believes that it provides readers a ton of helpful information and helpful resources as well. She highly recommends this book and so do I for a great gift idea!”

Bill Mahony

But wait, there’s more… You’ll discover how your pageant experience can help you go beyond your horizons, and make you a more confident person...

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How you can display self-confidence in the midst of a huge, rowdy crowd.

Dear Beauty Pageant Enthusiast,

Do you know how to add that special winning “spice” to your personality?

Do you know the secret signal that makes the judges believe that you deserve to win? Do you know the most important thing to remember when choosing your talent competition?

If not, you will soon :)

My name is Vicky Johnson and I’ve been a beauty pageant analyst & consultant for the past 10 years. Over the years I’ve had many girls come to me seeking beauty pageant advice. The most common type of girls who approach me are those who are new to beauty pageants

and need advice on the industry and on how to win (actually more often than not it’s their parents that approach me)...

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Other Parameters for a Beautiful Smile :

Following parameters, if present, carry a negative effect on the beauty of smile & need management.

(i) Gingival Height Asymmetry

(ii) Dark triangles.

(iii) Discoloured Gingiva.

(iv) Over contoured crowns

(v) Poor crown margins.

(vi) Active periodontal problems.

(vii) Mobility and / or furcation.

(viii) Endodontic lesion.

(ix) Occlusion-wear facets / incisal wear.

(x) Flared teeth

(xi) Diastema

(xii)Overlapped teeth

(xiii) Chipped teeth

(xiv) Discoloured teeth.

(xv)Smoothness of surface texture.

Concept of Golden or Divine Proportion –

It is a concept incorporated by the restorative dentist into arch and tooth evaluation for determining tooth size. This theory states that for any two objects to be in esthetic harmony, they should exist in the ratio of 0.618 to 1.0 (Ricketts, 1982 a, b...

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Proportions of Beauty :

Many factors influence the perception of beauty, including makeup, clothing, jewelry and facial expressions. However, it is the relational proportion of our physical features that is the primary factor in determining the perception, conscious or subconscious, of beauty. Cunningham (1986) attempted to mathematically assess physical beauty. In a study rating the attractiveness of 50 females, more than half of whom were finalists in an international beauty pageant, he  ncluded that :. Cunningham’s findings suggest that large eyes, a small nose and chin, high cheekbones, and a large, balanced smile are considered to be the physical attributes of a beautiful female face...

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Add water and mix together thoroughly.

Lay two cotton balls in liquid and soak briefly. Apply cotton balls to your elbow leaving cotton ball on area until your elbow dries. Repeat two to three times. You can also try rubbing the cut lemon directly on your elbow. (Don’t use this treatment if you have any open sores or cuts.) This treatment will bleach out and exfoliate dark, thickened elbow skin, and it also works well for heels. Try this recipe on your toenails if they’re yellowed from using polish too. Now what about moisturizing? Try these recipes to keep your newly scrubbed skin soft. Homemade Body Lotion Ingredients: 1 cup dried chamomile 4 Tablespoons honey 1 cup organic milk 8 teaspoons wheat germ (optional) Instructions: Place milk in small sauce pan on low heat...

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My hair seems to produce far less oil this way too.

Try multi use products Dr. Loretta author of “6 Weeks to Sensational Skin” says that dead sea salts have multiple uses for skin problems: everything from acne to eczema. You can find Dead Sea Beauty Products online. Body natural body lotions or conditioner can double as shaving cream. Or use a moisturizing body wash like Burt’s Bees. I love this product – and not only because Burt’s Bees uses recycled bottles. The Burt’s Bees Body Wash smells like heaven in a bottle! Buy makeup that can be used for eyes, cheeks and lips, like Kiss My Face 3 Way Color. This reduces the number of products you buy and makes putting your face on a breeze. I love this product for traveling – I slip it into my overnight bag and it’s eye shadow, blush and lip gloss all in one...

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LED Light Therapy

LED‟s have now become one of the most popular non-invasive and affordable rejuvenation devices on the market today. You may have heard the buzz about LED Light Therapy for rejuvenating the skin. Oprah’s O Magazine called me recently to send them one of the 2-panel FDA-approved models that I‟ve been recommending and using myself for years. In fact, I‟ve been writing about LED‟s for over eight years now and have sold thousands of LED Light Therapy units for rejuvenation and pain management to private individuals worldwide including: baby boomers, mom‟s, doctors, beauty professionals, spas, aestheticians, and physical therapists for office use.

Take years off your face, neck and hands and you may even avoid a face-lift with affordable, non-invasive LED‟s (Light Emitting Diodes) Li...

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EFG (Epidermal Growth Factors) Regain Lost Volume in the Face & Address Mature, Sensitive, Dry, Thinning, Sagging or Menopausal Skin

THE NEW BUZZ in age-proofing skin care right now is a scientifically proven ingredient called Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF. It‟s perfect for women 40 and up because it helps increase lost volume in the face, hydrates, thickens, and firms thinning or sagging skin. Many doctors charge $150 and up for EGF creams. I consult many skin care manufacturers to help them improve or create new formulations. I recently helped a company formulate an excellent product that contains the maximum amount of EGF allowed, along with antioxidants AND a high concentration of peptides. It‟s called Perfect RX Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex and it‟s just $49.95 at

For women with mature, dry or menopausal skin with sensitivity to peptides, parabens, fragrance or retinol, try De...

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Quick Tips for Adult & Teenage Acne

If you‟re experiencing adult acne or if you have a teenager with acne, these are great tips you‟ll want to know:

1. Keep your face out of the sun. Sun exposure enlarges pores and triggers acne and blemish breakouts. Wear a visor and sun screen when outside on sunny days.

2. Avoid soapy, drying cleansers and toners with alcohol. Dehydrated skin triggers testosterone production, increases oil and causes acne & breakouts.

3. Eating a low-glycemic diet prevents spikes in your blood sugar. When blood sugar levels spike (go up), your testosterone production increases, causing more oil production and more acne / blemish breakouts. South Beach Diet and The Zone are low-glycemic diets. Also Chef’s Diet delivers Zone-Friendly and gluten-free meals and desserts...

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Do Not Smoke & Limit Alcohol

For great health and skin – DO NOT smoke. Besides being a huge health hazard, smoking ages the face, body and hands, causes broken blood vessels, enlarged pores, pigmentation spots, lines around the mouth, crow‟s feet, a dull complexion, loss of elasticity in skin and wrinkles! Do your best to stop smoking. Try chewing gum or wear smokers‟ patches, which are formulated to help eliminate dependence on cigarettes. Hypnosis is another alternative that has helped many individuals. Limit use of alcohol to 3 glasses a week – it dehydrates skin. 11

Exfoliate Skin Twice a Week

As children, our skin cells naturally regenerate very quickly (about every 28 days) and as we age, skin cell regeneration slows down (about every 48 days)...

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