Find Out The Right Dosage Of Performance Boosters For You

Certain performance boosters are also known to be cognitive enhancers, in that they accelerate the cognitive, mental, and emotional attributes in the brain related to interneuron and intelligence communication. Several exploratory search results declare that these bring health to the brain and the immune system.

The best ways to take the performance enhancers

The performance enhancers can be purchased from eBay and Amazon in the form of capsules of 500, 750, and 1,500 milligrams. Many people prefer to purchase these cognitive enhancers in the form of a powder since tablets do not always offer flexibility in terms of dosages. Some users may, however, try their level best to dismantle the capsules in order to get the powder out of it. This may be due to the fact that the powder form costs more than the tablet form of the performance enhancers. Research quantity and pricing on the internet to come to an economical decision!


Powder versus capsule

The powder form is easier to consume since all you need to do is to take the desired quantity of the performance boosters and simply consume it by mixing it with milk. In certain cases, taking them along with a fatty food source such as fish oil capsules or a liquid helps to be absorbed into the body. Do not ever take these cognitive enhancers on an empty stomach if you do not wish to lose the active ingredients in them. With one or two Aniracetam pills per day, you could easily see the results. When up to 1.5 to 2 grams are taken in daily in 2 to 4 dosages, you would be able to see the results. Not only are these fat soluble, but they can also be quickly absorbed and have a high metabolic rate.

The side-effects of consuming the performance boosters

When you consume these performance boosters initially, you would be able to see effective results within about fifteen minutes of intake. As an indication of the effectiveness, they increase their color vibrancy of those who consume them and also let the objects in front of their eyes be easily perceived. With one or two Aniracetam pills per day, you would be able to see that your visual perception has improved. Moreover, since these tablets are neuroprotective, they reverse the ageing process of a person by intensifying the formation of new synapses. Usage of these cognitive enhancers for extended periods is advised if you would like to see the desired results. The methods of testing an individual for cognitive skills are easily available with major websites that can be found through a simple search. You could try the variegated puzzles, games, etc. that are so highly enjoyable to be able to see the results. If you want to see the sustained effectiveness of the performance boosters, you would need to wait at least two to four months in order to be able to enjoy the benefits. You should, therefore, try the performance boosters before you could decide whether they are effective or not.